Actival 03.12.2013 

Passionate about global art and culture, Dr Kris Naudts founded The Culture Trip in 2011. As an academic, Kris used to travel a great deal and always prepared for his trips by trying to find books and films that were set in or about his destination. He was struck by how much time and effort went into finding a country’s icons of literature and cinema, not to mention obtaining their work in translation. Apart from talking about psychiatry with his local colleagues, he loved to hear about their favourite local writers and directors, and return with a travel bag full of books and films to devour back home.
This way of life brought him hugely enjoyable travel experiences and a truly global library, but also a sense of bewilderment about how some countries’ finest writers and directors are virtually unknown across cultures and continents. Add to this an entrepreneurial spirit and constitutional insomnia and you have the main ingredients necessary to start up something like The Culture Trip: a one-stop, easy-to-navigate global website that showcases the best of art and culture for every country in the world.
In the past year, the site acquired a loyal following in more than 200 countries and feedback has been fantastic. For that reason the concept is currently being expanded beyond art, literature and film into music, apps, galleries, events, accommodation, restaurants and tours - for every single country in the world.

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